Theme parties are a foundational piece of what we do here at Kanakuk every summer! Our exciting and over-the-top parties are a Kamp favorite and provide the opportunity for Kampers to grow in confidence, make new friends, and have a ton of fun! All of these elements combine to carry out Joe White and Kanakuk's mission of equipping next generation leaders.

Which Parties will my Kamper participate in?

To see which parties your Kamper should be prepared for, start by selecting their Kamp at the top of the page. Each Kamp offers different parties to their Kampers, and sometimes change based on term, so be sure to plan for the parties that will be offered during your Kamper’s term.


How elaborate do costumes need to be?

When it comes to preparing your Kamper’s costumes, the sky is the limit! We strive to offer costume ideas for every level of ability—so whether your Kamper wants to bring a simple costume or dress to the nines, we’re pretty sure they’re going to have a blast no matter what!


Are Kampers supervised during parties?

Like all activities that are offered at Kanakuk, your Kamper will remain under the care of our professional staff during all parties at Kanakuk. Parties give our staff the unique opportunity to join in the fun and bring their best costumes and excitement to every party we offer!


What if my Kamper doesn’t want to bring a costume?

Kampers aren’t required to bring a costume for any of the parties we offer, but as a Kamper favorite for decades, we think they should! Parties have the ability of creating memories for Kampers in a safe and clean environment, free from the things our world tells us we need.


Who should I contact if I have more questions?

If you have additional questions about this year's parties or need any assistance with your Kamper’s registration, email reg@kanakuk.com and one of our wonderful registrars will assist you!

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